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“Mary’s beautiful book helps us to remember that death is but a change and not an end. Real communication happens soul‑to‑soul – whether we are in a body or not.”
With love,
Robert Holden
Author of Shift Happens! and Life Loves You, co‑written with Louise Hay
“I admire the depth of courage and presence it takes to be there for people who are dying and to counsel their families during this very challenging process. Mary Hill shares her experiences and magical moments that allow death and dying to be embraced through the lens of love. It gifts the reader with a release from fear as she lets us know, without a doubt, that life lives on beyond our physical bodies. She opens the door for us to see great beauty and grace for all involved if we choose to allow it.”
Shawn Gallaway
Award‑winning singer/songwriter and author of I Choose Love
“Mary is a pure channel of divine love and light. In this book, you gain a glimpse into the life of a true healer – her simplicity and purity – as well as discover what’s on the other side of death. See what a modern day saint who lives the truth of love looks like. Mary is a remarkable woman who reminds me of Mother Theresa or Mother Mary. She is a mother of all beings – a woman who has kissed the foreheads of the dying and mourned each passing as if it was that of her own child. Her humility and love shine through.”
Love, Love, Love & More Love,
Dr. Wendy Treynor
Author of The Gift of Cancer: Turn your Tragedy into a Treasure … A
Treasure Map to Happiness
“This is a story about the power of compassion and understanding. Mary Hill takes the reader through the emotional complexities of nursing in a hospice. She deals with life and death with skill, insight and empathy. A powerful read that you cannot put down.”
John M. Haggerty
Author and Entrepreneur
Angels Camp, Ca
“My mother passed away, unexpectedly, within 10 days – the same year as Mary’s mother. On the final day and feeling spiritually bankrupt, I just needed some reassuring, comfort and guidance. Being miles apart, our phone call grounded me for the day’s events that were angelic in nature.

Mary’s gift and passion for Life radiates within the fullness of her heart. One will feel the love through the pages of her magical journey. Again, and again, Mary “shows up with love” – one of her favorite mantras that she shares consistently with others. Mary IS Love!”
Sunshine Always ~
Sharyn L Hampton
Educator, Entrepreneur, Health Coach